Product Detail
Voltage: 220V, 110V/50Hz
Power: 0.5KW
Character: Multi-language
Model: AMG-30
Product Description

Amerigo AMG-30 Alignment Machine, 3D Wheel aligner

3D camer alignment- Measure more precise and stable based on car body

Measurement way- Revoutionary measurement method with two digital cameras and four target disks.

Target disk- No electronic components, Effectively eliminate equipment failure caused by circuit.

Calibration- Once calibration before delivery, periodica calibration is unnecessary.

Software system-Easy to operate, measurement can be done within two minutes.

Technical Parameters
Measuring ItemMeasuring AccuracyMeasuring Range
Accuracy1' /0.1mm


± 10°
Total toe-in±3'  ± 10°
Toe-in±2'± 5°
Caster±4'  ± 20°
King Pin Indclination±4' ± 20°
Thrust angle ±2'± 5°
Set back ±2'  ± 20°
Gauge    ±2mm 1800mm
Spread of axies   ±2mm 3200mm