Product Detail
Voltage: 380v/440v
Power: 24.8KW
Character: ECO Friendly
Heating System: Diesel Burner
Model: A-900E
Product Description

Amerigo A-900E CE ECO Water Based Paint Car Spray Booth/Car Painting Oven

External dimension/mm7000*6200*3610 (L*B*H)
Internal dimension/mm7000*6200*3610 (L*B*H)

Foundation and floor

Loading capacity of galvanized grating700Kg/each wheel
Surface area of rear exhaust box27m2 full grid
Metal basementMetal basement of 350mm galvanized
Drive-in rampsOptional

Cabin systemWallboard

Good heating-insulation and soundproof. Contruction was European style design.

Two layer thick rock-wool panel, EPS colorful steel skin board, wall panel 60mm.

Main doorFront door EPS steel 80mm with tongue& groove style compound contruction. 4 folded with safety glass window. Door size 3300(B)*2700(H)mm
Escape door1 unit, 700*1800mm (W*H), with safety glass windows, aluminum alloy frame
BasementGalvanized steel sheet metal basement
Ceiling50mm thickness of rock wool insulation board
Personnel door800*2000mm (B*H) with door shutter
Moveable hanger3M moveable system, special for spare parts painting (optional)
Moveable curing lampCeiling mounted, 3 head track curing lamp (optional)
Circulation systemIntake fan2 sets of double-intake centrifugal fans for intake air, 4kw each, air capacity 25000m3/h in total
Exhaust fan1 set of double-intake centrifugal fans for intake air, 5.5kw , air flow 15000m3/h in total
Purification systemPre-filter, 600g high efficiency filter (ceiling filter), floor filter (fiberglass filter)
Heating systemItaly riello G20 diesel burner, 200000k cal/h. stailess stell heat exchanger, argon arc welding. auto-damper for changing spraying and baking
Lighting system

Ceiling: 8 group, each group 4*36w, total 1152w. LED light with reflective stainless steel plate. toughened glass, protection class can reach IP65.

Side lights: 10 group, each group 2*36W, total 720w.

Brightness: >1400 LUX, IP66 level

Prefilter: G4 level filter, can capture granules larger than 5mm, filter efficiency readh to 90>E≥70% (USA L6 standard)

F7 belt-filter can heat-resistant to 90.C, is EUR DIN 53438-F1 & USA UL 900-class 2 standard

Ceiling: 6 gropu of EU5 high efficiency filters

Exhaust filter: Bottom G3 level fiber glass paint leakage-proof cotton blanket

Outlet filtration : 2 set patent water rotation device, 2 set of American Purafil VOC absorber system

Ventilation systemDirect deive motor (fresh air)1×7.5KW, 970rpm, 380V, 50Hz, Simens motor, Germany Reizdraught fan CE certified
Direct drive motor (exhaust air)1×7.5KW, 970rpm, 380V, 50Hz, Simens motor, Germany Reiz draught fan CE certified
Duct configuration5 section exhaust tube
Fan capacity28000m3/h
Air flow speedNo-load +/-0.25m/s
Heating systemInstall position: Left side
Heating exchangerStainless steel 1Gr18Ni9ti (Electric/CNG heating optional)
Heating exhanger capacity232KW (26000k cal/h)
Max. drying temperature80.C
Heating time3-6 (from 20.C to 60.C ) Max tem. 80.C
Heating typeRG5D (260.000kcao/H)
Control boxControl systemIC MCU control system, AC control system, pressure self-balancing control, power saving 30%-50%
Overpressure manometer
FunctionEquipped with light switch, temperature, time settings, painting, spray pait, paint up thermostat gateway fault alrm, auto power-off function etc.
With PLC Programmable logic computer control (Touch screen), 3D display, easy operation
Frequency converting control
Overpressure manometerr
Suspend control system