Product Detail
Voltage: Hydraulic
Power: 10T
Product Description
Amerigo Truck Frame Straightener

Bed length6600-12000mm
Bed width2580mm
Air supply0.8Mpa
Hydraulic power70Mpa
Power pulling capacity25T
Maximum load50T

With 4 or 6 towers, each pulling capacity 25ton.

A complete pushing and pulling tool kit is furnished, considering any type of reshaping.

Lifting equipment with 50tons capacity, which can effectively repair the declined distorted beam.

3.9m heightening tower effectively dent pull driving position deformation.

USA original Powerteam Hydraulic system,strong power,reliable performance and longer life.

With 25 tons of hydraulic ram, it can repair distortion, protruding, flex and so on flange wrench.

It has all kinds of dent pull tools for different deformation