Product Detail
Voltage: Hydraulic
Power: 2500kg
Product Description
Amerigo AMG-3600 Car Body Alignment Bench/Auto Body Frame Machine

The platform is Manganese Plate Steel with 5 row of square hole

Hydraulic tilt deck operation with 7,700 lb. lifting capacity

Whole deck lifting from 340-650mm

360 degree pulling capability

Universal anchoring system with adjustable height pinch weld/clamp assemblies

2 tower rollers

Telescoping tower heads with chain anchors,

4 adjustable, plated unibody tie-downs with upright holders

Acme Thread head treated tower anchors for 2 or 3 point solid anchoring, lifting capacity can reach 2000kg

Two wheel chocks prevent forward/backward movement of vehicle

Adjustable tower collars

35 Chrome molybdenum steel accessories tools

Bed length5200/5600mm
Bed width2200mm
Electric power0.8Mpa
Tower pulling capacity95KN on lift
Maximum load3500kg