Product Detail
Voltage: Air
Power: 3100kg
Product Description
Amerigo AMG-1900 Auto Body Frame Machine/Frame Straightening Machine

Platform is made of square steel, top-quality welding with high strength

Designed with the striation structure, no dead point in pulling with this platform and the tower can be moved and fixed at any point.

360 degree pulling capability

2 tower rollers

Telescoping tower heads with chain anchors, what could be easier.

4 adjustable, plated unibody tie-downs with upright holders

Acme Thread head treated tower anchors for 2 or 3 point solid anchoring

Two wheel chocks prevent forward/backward movement of vehicle

Adjustable tower collars

Bed length5600mm
Bed width2100mm
Air supply0.8Mpa
Hydraulic power70Mpa
Power pulling capacity100KN
Maximum load3500kg